December 28th – Card Game Day

So like, to play card games you kind of need friends who are available, of which mine are scarce right now. But like, there are other games than card ones, like this

And ones that I don’t just have to watch but can do, like the most addictive iPhone game in the world.

That is the best game.

But in the spirit of the holiday let me tell you a card game story.

So one of my brothers and I would play bridge with our grandparents, something which we need to more frequently now we’ve grown up. So for Christmas, nana and pa asked for more bridge silent bidding pads on which you write down your calls. However, after searching in about 5 stores it’s almost as if they didn’t exist because no one had them. But my brother, ever the thinker, at about 10am on Christmas morning he printed out 60 sheets that he found online. Nana and pa loved it and it was the cheapest Christmas present ever, just the cost of the ink and paper.

What I learnt from Card Game Day – Card games are best when played with people you love.


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