December 11th – International Mountain Day

Today was a climb, I had a very big mountain to climb in the form of an 8 hour work shift with a massive hangover. Also, I realize now it’s spelt lager 😂.

Anyway, I went to bed around 2am and woke up for work around 7am, so a bad start. I get to work and my boss is running late so I fall asleep on the floor. He arrives half an hour late so he can’t really get mad at me for being really hungover. I go full disclosure and let him know how I’m feeling so he just kinda allows me to work slowly but Jesus it was hard and I can barely remember it.

My demise came in the form of coke, I needed something to wake me up but I knew a coffee or anything milky would make me vomit. So I drank half a coke bottle and literally ate 2 slices of tomato that I was slicing, in about 2 minutes I was in the nandos toilet vomiting it all up. And that made me feel better for about 5 minutes but then so much worse. So I called someone who I knew was working later and thankfully she arrived and I fell asleep. I slept in the middle of the restaurant area for an hour and a half, right until past opening time and apparently customers could see me and it looked shifty.

When I awoke I felt more or less okay and was able to work until the end of my shift at 4pm but I can’t believe I vomited in the company toilet and then tried to go back to work, sleep for hours and then continue to work. What even was this.

So I climbed the mountain, it was tough but I’m still kicking.

What I learnt from International Mountain Day – This is why I don’t exercise.


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