October 28th – Make A Difference Day

There are a lot of changes I want to make in my life, I want to be healthier is probably the big one. Not much, I like who I am, but small changes here and there wouldn’t go amis. So for lunch today I had a smoothie made from two bananas, a mango, two organges off our orange tree squeezed and some coconut 

A healthy lunch may I say. 

Another thing I don’t like is my teeth. They’re straight and all but I don’t pay attention too much to oral hygiene so they’re quite yellow. So I’ve decided to start oil pulling to make them whiter. 

Not exactly a fun time swirling coconut oil in my mouth for 20 minutes but if it works it works. 

Only you can make a difference to your life, and I intend to make good ones for the better. 

What I learnt from Make A Difference Day – If there’s any good time to start, it’s now. 


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