September 30th – AFL Grand Final Day

Not a random holiday but probably the most Australian holiday in Australia after Australia Day. The two teams this year were the Richmond Tigers and the Adelaide Crows. The Crows hadn’t won in 19 years and the Tigers in 37. I was supporting the Crows since on the day of my birth in 1997, the Crows won (I was born on Grand Final Day). 

It was an adventure of a day since my family does family betting for it. $2 for the winner and the margin, $2 for the Norm Smith Medalist (best on ground). 

The day begins with a parade in Melbourne and entertainment at the MCG, this years was amazing, the killers. 

After the first quarter, the Crows were up but then it all went downhill. 

The final score ended up 60-108. Fuck. $4 down the drain and it wasn’t even an exciting match. 

What I learnt from AFL Grand Final Day – I don’t watch enough footy to make bets on it. 


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