August 14th – Afternoon Tea Day

I love tea and biscuits, well tea and any food really. However when you have uni all afternoon without a break, you have to substitute the ‘afternoon’ part with ‘morning’. Excuse the not very aesthetic photo because of uni stuff in the background but this is my perfect tea 

A tiny bit of milk and no sugar. Sugar ruins the tea and if it’s too light, what’s the point you just have milky water. 

Joining this with watching Doctor Who on Netflix and I had a brilliant morning. I should be studying but I had a big weekend, and the point of afternoon tea/morning tea is to have a break. So I’m going to uber eats some lunch. 

What I learnt from Afternoon Tea Day – it’s important to take a break and just have a quality cup of tea. 


3 thoughts on “August 14th – Afternoon Tea Day

    1. Okay so pretty stoked it’s going to be a woman considering it was never canon it had to be a man and it makes me question whether she’ll have ‘straight’ relationships making the doctors sexuality also ambiguous and awesome. But also, don’t want to judge because she may not be good due to writing/directing or anything else. I’m excited to see how it goes.


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