August 13th – International Lefthanded Day

I’m I righty, but I know quite a few lefties and when I was seven, I shattered my elbow. It was a horrific break and I was literally hours away from amputation but alas it was saved and apart from not being able to straighten my pinky, it functions at 100%. So by circumstance I could’ve been a lefty. 

Now I know that I can’t write well with my left hand, I’ve tried, so instead of embarrassing myself that way, I thought I’d put on makeup with my left hand. I could’ve just been really silly and tried to do winged eyeliner a cut crease eyeshadow look, but I genuinely had to perform with my band today so I needed my go to, ‘kinda natural but still nice’ to be presentable. Actually having to try and make it work was the hard part. This is going to be very picture heavy, so without further ado, look at me ruin my face. 

Being hungover probably wasn’t the best start…

So foundation, concealer, powder, contour and highlight were relatively easy, it just took me longer to get it done and blend it. Because I wasn’t trying to do anything dramatic, it was all low coverage and no harsh contour lines, I think I did okay. Everything after this point was harder than my year 12 exams. 

I don’t know what to say, the brows are patchy and inconsistent and the eyeshadow is blended way too far up my face. No amount of emergency blending or brushing could make it right. 

I would normally wear eyeliner but I can’t do it that well anyway so that was definitely not happening considering I had to wear this out. So lastly was mascara and of course this happened. 

Not only is it clumpy as hell, it then had to remove that spot and ruin my eyeshadow even more. It ended up looking like this. 

It’s definitely passable but not the best I can do, maybe in year 11 this was my standard but not anymore. As it fades throughout the day it’ll definitely look better and hey, if I’m on stage it means no one will be that close to me to see!

What I learnt from International Lefthanded Day – I am not ambidextrous at all. 


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