August 12th – Youth Day

I am young, I am dumb, and I am drunk when I write this. But that’s part of being a youth in today’s society. I have a long day of day drinking and honestly, I’m disappointed with the amount of baby boomers that call casual drinking with friends a problem. It’s generational, their parents thought they were reckless and our parents think that of us, and I’ll probably think that of my kids. But honestly, this should stop. Each generation blames the one before and curses the one current, but today I wish to end that. Because to be young is to day drink with your friends 

And evening drink with friends 

Being young is being stupid and personally I’m proud of all my embarrassing moments because they make good stories. I want to try everything once and have no regrets and that’s what it’s like being young. 

What I learnt from Youth Day – I love being young and I’m like Peter Pan, I never want to grow up. 


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