August 11th – Play in the Sand Day

Another day I would’ve loved in summer but cannot participate in winter. A lot of people hate sand for various reasons, it gets everywhere, when the wind blows it it’s scratchy etc… but I love it because it reminds me of the beach. Growing up in Australia it’s almost treason to not like the beach and meeting people from different countries that are land locked remind me of this privilege. Not everyone gets to wake up and watch the waves crash on the shore, or walk during sunset and see the sun lowering over the water. Not everyone gets to take aesthetic photos like this.


And I love that aesthetic photo.

So today, please, even if you hate sand getting in your arse crack, appreciate that it means you get to live near a beach. Nature is too beautiful in Australia, appreciate it.

What I Learnt from Play in the Sand Day – Sand = Beach = Happy Andi.


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