August 10th – Lazy Day

I am lazy, but I’m the worst kind of lazy because I worry as well. So I’ll put things off until the last minute, but then panic because I haven’t done them and instead of accepting my fate I’ll try and do it really quickly and half arsed. For example, literally this morning I had uni at 10, which was different from the usual 9am start, or when I have work at 8:30am. So I thought, ‘Yeah I’ll get up normal time and enjoy my morning, have some tea and maybe actually put on makeup today’. I forgot that I was lazy and I ended up getting out of bed about 10 minutes before I needed to leave my house, and then panicked that I wouldn’t make it to uni in time.

Fast forward a few hours and I have a two hour break in uni, where I need to do some readings for politics and upload a reading response, which is graded, before the tutorial. My laziness was about to be tested.


It didn’t get off to a brilliant start…


And then it kinda got even worse


But eventually the panic stage finally dawned on me and I managed to write a response about the Spice Girls and third wave feminism


This is literally how all of my assignments go, hours and hours of nothing and then a lot of work fast in a blind panic.

What I learnt from Lazy Day – I am lazy, but not lazy enough that I won’t get it done.




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