August 7th – Public Speakers Day

Life of a uni student, listening to professors and various academics give you lectures. Some of them are brilliant. However, some of them are clearly smart but bad public speakers. I’m aware public speaking is a skill and is very hard, but in an educational institution, it’s quite important. So I had 3 lectures today. And thought I’d rank them out of 10 for how good each professor translated to a public speaker. 

First off, Politics of Gender…0/10, the lecturer didn’t show up. 

The lecture was meant to start at 1, by 1:20 we all kind of knew she wasn’t going to turn up so I left and got a coffee. At about 3 we all got an email apologizing where she stated there was a mix up in the time she was told and will record the lecture to put online. But I hate watching lectures online, and not doing it in front of an audience can’t really count as public speaking. So 0/10 stands. 

Next was Social Movements…6/10, it was 2 hours and she kept asking for audience participation. 

She was actually present, so naturally she passed. But I hate audience participation in lectures, I’m here to learn not to contribute, please just move on with it. I also can’t comcerntrate for 2 hour long lectures so I’m sure I missed a lot of content. Therefore 6/10.

Finally, White Supremacy…8/10

I forgot to physically take a photo inside but the lecturer was on time, only spoke for about 40 minutes and still got through all the content. Never once asked someone to give him an answer, only thing that was bad was my attitude. It was late in the day and I was hungry, but 80% is pretty good. Happily 8/10. 

What I learnt from Public Speakers Day – Not everyone is a good public speaker, but you’re always better than the person who didn’t show up. 


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