August 5th – Work Like A Dog Day

I love it when the holidays seem to perfectly line up with my already established calendar, because today, I was non stop. I had a concert at midday/in the afternoon that I had to perform in and immediately afterwards go to work until I was able to go home at 9. I more or less did a 10 hour day with no breaks in between. I was literally working like a dog that pulls sleds in the arctic (the origin of the phrase), but in a 10 hour shift a dog would get more breaks than I did. Anyway, here was my hectic day where I worked like a dog to both perform to the best of my ability as well as work for money and keeping a business afloat.

20662401_336090753510885_951034470_o.jpg 20641454_336090783510882_701680179_o.jpg





Sorry for the lack of actual content but I am literally pooped. However this did make me appreciate how some people do this and even more everyday just to put food on a table or achieve their goals. There is always someone who has it worse than you, always. So when you’re pushing hard or you think you’re at the end of your rope, you’re doing better than someone else so keep pushing. Nevertheless, she persisted.

What I learnt from Work Like A Dog Day – This won’t be the last time I work hard like this, I am persistent.


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