August 4th – Single Working Women’s Day

I’ll start this with a disclaimer, if you choose to be a housewife or a stay at home mum, that’s fine. If you want to be in a double income earning household, that’s fine. If you value your career over relationships, that’s fine. Anything you choose to do with your life is your choice and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for what you want, nor try and force it upon others. Feminism isn’t about tearing down stay at home mums for for not challenging men’s positions in the economic hierarchy, it’s about having the choice to pick which one to do. If you can’t understand this, then you don’t understand what we’re fighting for.

That being said, I fall under the category of someone who doesn’t want to be dependent on someone else. I want to build myself a career where I can earn enough for my lifestyle by myself, or if I’m with a partner, have enough security to continue to support myself if things go south. I don’t ever want to have to rely on someone else, I may be in a position where I’d like to, but I don’t want to let myself need someone else.

Which is why I happily say I support single working women, because for a good amount of time I probably will be one. Right now nothing is more important to me than getting my degree, and then after that hopefully travelling and building a career. I am not someone who will just sit and wait for my life to begin, I’m not working two jobs with full time uni for nothing. I have been blessed with enjoying my degree, and blessed with enough motivation and drive to achieve this. My gender and my willingness to not be limited via needing a man with me will not slow me down. Single working women of the world unite and show people we are not inferior just because we are career driven.

What I learnt from Single Working Women’s Day – I support all women, no matter what they do, as long as it was their choice, and being a single working woman may be one of mine, so please choose to support me as well.


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