August 2nd – Colouring Book Day

A few years ago the adult colouring book trend was really big, as a form of relaxation. Soon they became some of he top selling non fiction books around the world, with popular ones including swear words into the design.

adult colouring in.jpg

However, colouring in would make me so much more stressed. I am really bad at visual art, but enough of a perfectionist to be really mad at myself for doing it badly. Like I’d enjoy it until I realize it’s bad and hate myself. On top of this I don’t have that much patience to see it to completion, let alone that much time to see it to completion. So, having uni just gone back, this is my version of colouring in.


Highlighting university coursework. You can’t be bad at it unless you somehow can’t highlight or identify important parts of text. And it’s equally as stress reducing because you feel productive and feel like you’re on top of your work. Highlighting is my adult version of colouring in and I like it.

What I learnt from Colouring Book Day – I don’t mix well with colouring, highlighting is better.


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