August 1st – International Child Free Day

I am an adult, but thankfully I don’t have any children yet. I am still basically a child. And as much as I want children when I’m a proper adult, I’m all for celebrating the time I have right now which is childless. Which is a good thing. There is someone who was in my graduating year at high school who is already a mum, and she is a great mum, but I wouldn’t not be at 19. And what I’ve been doing today illustrates why. 

Probably the most concerning thing I did today that shows it’s a good thing I’m childless, is I ate blu tack. I saw something white, I couldn’t identify it, I smelled it, couldn’t identify it, so it went in my mouth. It was really old blu tack that had gone white. I probably now have some disease. This was whilst I was at work at a high school. 

The other thing from today was I climbed up some shelves to get boxes down, rather than used a ladder. With complete disregard for my own safety. I could’ve slipped and died, if I had children would probably have more concern for my safety. But you know what? Fuck it. It was easier to do it my way, even if against oc health and safety. 

Not only am I a childless adult, I am an adult child. 

What I learnt from International Child Free Day – Thank God I don’t have kids yet, I still am one. 


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