July 31st – World Ranger Day

I won’t lie to you, when I read this yesterday I read it as ‘World Ranga Day’. For people reading this outside of Australia, a ranga is someone with ginger hair. And let me tell you, I was so excited. I was going to talk about prominent red heads like Julia Gillard, Queen Elizabeth the First and Prince Harry. I was going to make fun of my ginger friends but also make a prominent point on how the ginger gene is dying out.

However, I re-read it this morning and realized it said ‘ranger’. So there goes that idea.

However, parks and wildlife are important as well and I’m very big on preserving the environment. In hot Australian summers and environments, water and droughts are the biggest natural issue. However today, it was wet, stormy, and everything I hate but nature loves.

My university is diverse in Western Australia’s natural flora and fauna and I will take my my roll as ranger and watch it thrive. First day back at UWA reminded me of how naturally lush and gorgeous it is, and how we must protect it.

What I learnt from World Ranger Day – It’s different from World Ranga Day.


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