July 30th – Paperback Book Day

I’m a big non-fiction reader, fiction books don’t really captivate me too much. A classic that have grazed my bookshelves in the past is Mein Kampf. 0/10 would not recommend unless you have a keen interest in Hitler as a person, he’s not a brilliant writer, but all the sale proceeds went to holocaust survivors so that’s a plus.

Since reading a lot of texts is a part of both of my majors I don’t really have that much time for it during the semester, sandwiching it between work and a social life. So on the day before I go back to uni, I thought I’d give this old chestnut another crack.


Jeremy Bentham was an English academic and philosopher during the enlightenment and was basically the champion of utilitarianism. The simplest way to describe utilitarianism is ‘the greatest good for the greatest many’ and his students, such as John Stuart Mill who was another philosopher and later politician, implemented these ideals when shaping modern democracy. The language of the text is hard to get through but it’s worth it if you have an interest in democracy, philosophy or the enlightenment.

What I learnt from Paperback Book Day – I don’t read as much as I should, but I read what I love when I can.


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