July 28th – Milk Chocolate Day

I feel like at least once a fortnight I’m explaining here my love of chocolate or chocolate based products. And I’m totally okay with that because I really do love chocolate. So there’s nothing more I can say or do than appreciate how good it makes me feel. And yes, milk chocolate is my favourite kind. It’s sweet but not too sweet like white chocolate, and not too bitter like dark. It’s probably the least healthy but I really don’t car because if I’m eating chocolate I’d rather enjoy it an be slightly unhealthier than force something only half as good down my throat.



I don’t understand the science behind why chocolate makes you happy, but it’s science and I’m willing to trust science. So I’ll forever be happy and filled with chocolate.

What I learnt from Milk Chocolate Day – The more of these chocolate days I celebrate, the happier I’ll get.


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