July 27th – Take Your House Plant For a Walk Day

This. Seemed. Random. As. Fuck. So again, a quick google to clear the air considering I don”t have any house plants. Why don’t I have any house plants? I can’t keep them alive. I either forget about them or are too lazy to care, I’ve killed a cactus before from neglect. Anyway, google basically told me that the idea behind it was to make a change, take the plant out of it’s comfort zone and start afresh. So, a new uni term is coming up, I needed uni supplies, I can easily start afresh and buy some things that will make me organised.

As soon as I got in the car it became apparent how thankful I was that I wasn’t walking.


And as I started shopping, I got distracted by items that could end my house plant woes, fake flowers.


But ultimately, just buying new uni stationary and books isn’t going to make a change in my life. I buy new stuff every semester and I always end up the same disorganised mess. So I’m going to try and make a financial change. Meet my Blackbeard Bank.


In a year and a half I want to get a UK working holiday visa and just spend two years working and travelling throughout Europe. I’m trying my hardest to save normally but the more I can put away the better. So any money or small change or notes I believe I can do without, I’m putting in the Blackbeard Bank. In a year or so I’ll open it and see how much I’ve done and how much of a change it’s made to my life. Already it has 5 cents.


What I learnt from Take Your House Plant For a Walk Day – It’s easy making lifestyle changes, but keeping them up will be harder.


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