July 26th – All or Nothing Day

All or Nothing Day didn’t give me any clues as to what the day was about so I had to look it up, apparently it’s about seizing the day, carpe diem, or just living the life you want. So my original plan was to be out and active, but when I woke up I awoke to this:


And as much as going outside and being active is the life I want to lead, it’s not the life I need right now. I work part time jobs to accommodate uni fees and when I’m not doing those I’m studying, so carpe diem for me is buckling down fora degree. However, no matter how busy I am the life I want to lead will always be a relatively social one. So on rainy days before the new uni term starts, seizing the day was getting lunch with a friend. Whilst I’m 19 and in the middle of a degree, that is the life I want.


What I learnt from All or Nothing Day – I know what I want, but it’s different to what I want right now.


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