July 25th – Thread The Needle Day

Contrarily to it’s name, which would connote having things together, this day is all about those moments when you’re between a rock and a hard place. Sometimes you just don’t have many options to fix problems and life is getting to you. You’re down for the count. We’ve all been there and everyone has their own ways of restarting again, getting your groove back. No one technique is correct, everyone is different, but just in case this helps anyone, here are mine.

  • Listen to music or watch a TV show or something audible. People who give the advise to ‘focus on your breathing’ or ‘get some fresh air’ are clearly wired different to me because this doesn’t help me. I find that if I’m alone with my thoughts nothing gets better, I need my ears to be filled which will distract my brain which’ll give me the time to gather myself, rather than just thinking about it heaps.
  • Literally just do anything. If I’m sitting and feeling sorry for myself I’m sitting and feeling sorry for myself, that’s not making anything better. Tidy your room, bake something, do something audible as listed above. If you have a job, pick up some shifts. If you’re a student, do some assignments. If you can’t find a solution to your problem straight away, leave it, do something else, and later the solution will appear.
  • Get some perspective. Today I was tired from working a lot the past three days, a lot of different friendship groups of mine are having beef and I’m struggling to sort of my social calendar around starting a new job. However, one of my best friends messaged me today because she needed me to drive her and wanted my company because she’s house bound. She’s just had surgery to remove her appendix and a cyst on her ovaries. She’s also desperately studying for a deferred supplementary exam while all of this is happening. She has it so much worse than me and it’s selfish of me to think my problems are bigger than hers. There’s always someone with it worse so make sure you appreciate what you have.

All of these things allow me to gain some perspective, calm down and pick myself back up really easily. I used to rely on the help of others but about a year ago I worked out how to do it on my own so now I don’t really have any sympathy for people who simply don’t help themselves, all they need to do is try and they’ll find a way.

What I learnt from Thread The Needle Day – When life gets me down, I know how to turn it around, hopefully it helps others.



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