July 24th – Tell An Old Joke Day

I don’t really like puns. Not because I don’t like making people laugh or don’t appreciate the play on words. I just don’t think they’re very clever. Puns are good when are made up on the spot and tailor made for a situation but hearing the same one liner over and over again just really bothers me, comedy is only best when it’s original and most people who tell puns didn’t create them. The type of comedy that gets to me is situational, stories, exaggerations of the truth not just a play on words.

That being said there is one pun that I really like. And it is an old joke. So without further ado here is my favourite old joke, it’s actually probably the first joke I remember hearing and it’s passed the test of time in my memory at least. It was a joke from a Christmas cracker in the mid 2000s, I reckon I was about 6 when I first heard it and I still tell it. For a Christmas cracker joke, it’s not about Christmas. It was indeed the first penis joke I ever heard, and thus will be the first penis joke my children hear, and here it is:

“What do you call a whale with no pants on? Free Willy”

HOW GOOD IS THAT!!! An absolute classic old joke that everybody under 10 bloody loves. And I still love it today. Although it isn’t the comedy I’ve grown into loving today, it’s an old joke that I know and love and hopefully you like it as well.

What I learnt from Tell An Old Joke Day – Old jokes can be fantastic, because good jokes are always a classic, no matter when they were made.


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