July 21st – Junk Food Day

As I’ve said many times, I work at a Nandos. As I’ve said a bit fewer times but also a quite a lot, I am leaving it for a new job. Today was my penultimate shift. The second last time I will don this ugly af uniform.


There are a few things I will miss. Some of the people were pretty good. However, what I will miss the most is the free food. At the end of every shift you get to make and take food home that you can make and today’s was bliss.

Picture it, a chicken breast slathered in mild and BBQ basting, caramelised bacon, caramelised onion, heaps of cheese with the usual salads and mayo. I will miss my free, perfect Nandos food.

What I learnt from Junk Food Day – I eat too much Nandos, so I’m going to have withdrawals pretty soon.



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