July 20th – Lollipop Day

Today was simple. Eat a lollipop. I love lollipops so much, flavoured sugar is amazing and in Australia there is one brand of lollipop that reigns supreme. Chupa Chups. Chupa Chups have the best flavour, are the least chewy and right spherical shape to balance correctly in your mouth.

Ignorant little me thought that this was an Australian brand, considering that family of mine from elsewhere in the world hadn’t heard of them. However, thanks to my beautiful friend wikipedia, they’re Spanish???? And the word ‘Chupar’ is the verb ‘to suck’????

the more you know - Copy.jpeg

Anyway, the best flavoured Chupa Chup is a tie between watermelon and Coca Cola. Today, I sucked on a glorious Coca Cola Chupa Chup and honestly, it made my life better. I’m having pain troubles with infected wisdom teeth and there’s something about a Chupa Chup that just made me forget my troubles.


What I learnt from Lollipop Day – I learnt a bit of Spanish.



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