July 19th – Daiquiri Day

My second attempt at alcohol making to celebrate a random holiday, and this one went so so much worse. I went into this thinking, “yeah I can make a daiquiri, it’s literally just maths it’ll be great. Then maybe I can think of barmaiding as another job if I need it next year”. I was so wrong.

I googled the recipe like before when I made a Mint Julep, but when it came to it it turns out I was missing 2 out of the 3 ingredients (and I had to buy the white rum so really I had none of the ingredients). Anyway, self deprecation aside this was my piss poor attempt.

According to wikipedia, to make a daiquiri you need:

  1. 9 parts white rum
  2. 5 parts lime juice
  3. 3 parts simple syrup

This was what I had:


9 parts white rum – check.

5 parts lime juice – kinda, half a squeezed lemon

3 parts simple syrup – well…honey

So I squeezed half the lemon into a cup and poured in some honey. Definitely did not measure that shit. I also boiled some water to help dissolve it all together. So at this point a basically had a hot lemon and honey tea. Next was adding as much white rum as I wanted which turned into about half the glass.

Mate, this shit tasted pretty bad. I hate sour things so this was going to suck from the start, and then it was weirdly warm (obviously because I stupidly added boiling water) and the amount of rum to stuff ratio was way off.

I’ve had daiquiri’s before and they’re pretty good, I just tried to be better than trained bartenders. Anyway I finished it because I’m not a little bitch and enjoyed watching netflix with my friends to distract from the taste.


What I learnt from Daiquiri Day – leave the cocktails for the professionals Andi, you focus on the drinking.



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