July 17th – Tattoo Day

As of yet, I don’t have any tattoos but I’ve known for a while that I would want one. Since I’ve been about 15 I’ve been constantly drawing possibly designs on me from a bass clef to flowers to quotes. I think I’ve finally made up my mind for what I would get. I’m loving the whole Senator Warren ‘nevertheless she persisted’, because if anything, I want to be a persistent, resilient person, but I also stand behind her and the feminist stance it represents.

So here’s the design I quite like…nevertheless.jpg

And here’s my attempt…


I’ve such a thing for foot tattoos so it was always going to be there, of course it made drawing it hard, but I’ve never been good at that anyway so I thought this was an okay attempt. If I end up getting it it’ll probably contain a few more floral flourishes but that was okay for now.

Naturally once I started I couldn’t really stop, so without further ado, here is me trying to recreate some famous tattoos using eyeliners I have.

First was Kylie’s finger tattoo. I happened to have a purple eyeliner I had never used lying around so that substituted the red.

kylie finger.jpg

Next I took on Liam Payne’s arm arrows. This was probably my best attempt at any of them.

liam payne.jpg

And finally, I had to do the ‘No Ragrets’ from the film We’re The Millers. I couldn’t not do it. However I pulled a full Karen from Mean Girls and forgot that when you do something looking in the mirror, it’s reversed in real life. But sticking to the theme of tattoo fails I decided not to fix it and keep it shit.

na ragrets.jpg

What I learnt from Tattoo Day – Nothing really, I still want a tattoo.


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