July 16th – World Snake Day

So yeah snakes are kind of scary. 8 of the top 10 most deadly snakes in the world are found in Australia. God bless my homeland where everything wants to kill you, but what can I say, I’ve been bread tough. However, I didn’t want this to be a repeat of Shark Awareness Day (see bottom for link), so instead discuss the most dangerous snake in the world. A two faced bitch.

A snake can also be a person who is a backstabber, a snitch, or just in general untrustworthy. So Brutus was the first snake, followed by Judas.

However, it can also be less obvious than that. A true snake is less overt, Caesar knew Brutus’s stab was the one that hurt the most, and Jesus knew it was Judas that sold him out to the Romans. A true snake is never found out until the very last moment, and sometimes not at all. That’s what makes them so bitchy and cunning.

What really separates the snakes from the two faced bitches, is that if you’re two faced, normally one of your faces is trying to do the right thing. Snakes are just selfish or enjoy pissing people off. Beware of the snakes, both the venomous kind and the bitchy kind.

So without further ado, here are a list of well know snakes that will kill you

  1. Southern Death Adder
  2. Red Bellied Black Snake
  3. Taylor Swift
  4. Eastern and Western Brown Snakes
  5. Inland Fierce Taipan
  6. Blac Chyna
  7. Rob Kardashian
  8. Coastal Eastern Taipan
  9. Kevin Rudd
  10. Regina George from Mean Girls

A bite from any of these well known snakes will kill you so please be careful.

What I learnt from World Snake Day – The world is filled with a lot of deadly snakes.




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