July 15th – Pet Fire Safety Day

It’s really no surprise that I’m super in love with my cats. Mainly my black cat Mary because George is a bit grumpy in his old age, but I do love them both. Already here I’ve done so many holidays that include the love of my cats. I have so many photos of my cats.





However, as much as I love my cats, I am aware that the number one reason why people die in house fires is because they go back to grab an item they don’t want to lose. Of course I don’t want to lose my cats, but they’re 16. I love them so much and I’ll miss them, but I’ve been prepared for them to die for a while. They’ve gone through many health complications I just want them to be comfortable until death. So you can call me a bitch that I wouldn’t go back for my beloved cats, but I would just feel bad for a while, and then move on.

What I learnt from Pet Fire Safety Day – I love my cats, but in a fire it’s stop drop and roll, not stop drop and go back at the risk of yourself.


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