July 14th – Shark Awareness Day

SHARKS AREN’T DANGEROUS! That really needs to be said before I say what I did today, sharks kill less people per year than vending machines, when you think of it we’re actually the ones invading their home when they attack us, and more often than not they bite us out of curiosity, then self defense, and lastly for food.

That being said, Jaws is one of my favourite movies. I’ve definitely been in this shirt before on this blog…


It’s just a classic. It used to scare me as a child but being Australian, nothing was going to stop me from going to the beach let’s be real. So today, I promoted more Jaws awareness than shark awareness, and made two of my friends watch Jaws.


Even Steven Spielberg has come out and said he regrets the backlash sharks have received from the film so as much as we can enjoy this cinematic masterpiece, we can’t forget that sharks are peaceful.

What I learnt from Shark Awareness Day – The shark from Jaws is a bit of a dick, the rest are pretty chill. Like Bruce from Finding Nemo.


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