July 13th – Embrace Your Geekness Day

I’ve already done a similar day to this but it was called Geek Pride Day, here is the link:


I think the post I’ve already done explains my geekness quite well so if you really want to know more about my geeky personality, chuck that a read. So I’m just doing to what I did then, just slightly different. Because I don’t need to embrace my geek, I’ve already embraced it. If anything, I need to tone it down.

So the Ghostbusters shirt has evolved into a Star Wars shirt.

ghostbusters to star wars.jpg

Carrying my Doctor Who memorabilia around has evolved into watching episodes of Doctor Who

dr who.jpg

And watching Star Trek…has stayed the same I’m always watching Star Trek.

star trek.jpg

And yes, much like in Geek Pride Day back in May, I am again in tracksuit pants, no makeup, and lying in bed. I am too good at conforming to geek stereotypes.

What I learnt from Embrace Your Geekness Day – I don’t need to embrace anything it’s just a part of my personality at this point.



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