July 11th – Cow Appreciation Day

I appreciate cows, I have milk in coffee and tea almost everyday and I eat cheeseburgers pretty regularly. Thank goodness I researched this day because I quickly found out that this had nothing to do with appreciating cow based products.

It’s a propaganda campaign by the American company Chik-fil-a to get people to stop eating cows and eat chicken instead. The legend goes, an intelligent cow called Eaton Birds was concerned about himself and his friends being eaten. So, he made a statement by writing on a billboard ‘EAT MOR CHIKIN’ and this created a revolution to eat more chicken and less cow. It’s not dissimilar to the Nandos Barcelos chicken story, but the moral of the legend is that people should stop eating cows and learn to appreciate them and eat chicken instead. Thank you chik-fil-a. The aim was to eat a chicken burger, but chik-fil-a doesn’t exist in Australia, so maccas had to suffice.



Of course it didn’t stop there, even had a red meat free dinner as well.


I did have cow products, I had about 3 coffees and a tea today but I DIDN’T PHYSICALLY EAT ANY COW SO THAT’S A PLUS! I completely agree with this day because I eat very limited red meat myself due to not liking the taste and texture. I recently found out that having vegetarian only days are really quite healthy and although I can’t quite give up the burgers, I would opt for a vegetarian diet most of the time anyway. To the point that in social situations I more or less call myself one to avoid confusion.

What I learnt from Cow Appreciation Day – Not all propaganda is bad for you.


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