July 9th – Sugar Cookie Day

So as previously established, my mouth really really hurts about 100% of the time due to my last wisdom tooth coming through. This made eating a cookie difficult. So instead of doing that I decided to just use the spirit of the holiday and eat sugary things.

The most important of which was my breakfast. This was my breakfast.



As you can tell by my hair and demeanor, I am telling the truth that legitimately was my breakfast. A creme brûlée that was cold, store bought and massive. Basically, without the help of anti inflammatory and pain medication, my jaw can’t open wide at all, it barely fit in a spoon. As much as it came into line with the holiday it is also more or less the only thing I could eat, considering I needed food before I could take the pills.

Sugar cookie day ended up being well timed and helpful, as well as delicious.

What I learnt from Sugar Cookie Day – Sugar is my friend, sure it’ll kill me one day, but it’s tasty and there for me when I need it.


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