July 8th – SCUD Day

SCUD stands for ‘savour the comic, unplug the drama’ and I was very willing so do that today after a night out which was filled with a lot of drama and bitch fights. So without further ado these were my actions and adventures celebrating ┬áSCUD day, a lot of it was just relaxing but relaxing unplugged the drama and I did spend some time laughing and having a good time.

So waking up with cats on me was the most relaxing. And this followed by watching the Atlantis sequel Disney film. My morning was perfect and honestly probably exactly what I needed because my head hurt from dehydration and my jaw hurt from my last wisdom tooth breaking through my gums.



At 2pm I was finally awake and showered and managed to walk to the shops and spend money on chocolate and milk. Shopping would’ve been a lot more fun and comedy filled if it had not been on my own, but my friends were pretty busy actually being productive today.





This is where the comedy comes in, after I destroyed a pan trying to reheat some mac and cheese, I laughed to myself claiming how it had to soak, but this is Sunday Andi’s problem not Saturday SCUD Day Andi’s problem.


And then the comedy continued as I went to watch an episode of ‘The Last Leg’. Adam Hills is honestly dad goals let’s be real.


I really thought the only downer on today would be work but work was so quiet I literally sat on the floor and spoke to my friends all shift.


What I learnt from SCUD Day – It’s important to have these days, especially after long drama filled nights out.


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