July 7th – Tell the Truth Day

Everyone lies, fact. Kind of how everyone poops. But everyone also tells the truth because telling the truth is the default and lying requires effort. So I’m going to restore myself back to factory settings and just say 25 facts about me that are 100% truth (mostly, some are just hard to explain, so, like, 95% truth).

  1. I only have a semi idea with what I want to do with my life, not what I can do, what I want to do.
  2. I pick my boogers every day and more often than not I eat them too, it’s not gross to me because I’ve always done it as a child and just never kicked the habit
  3. I bite my finger nails religiously
  4. I also sometimes bite my toe nails if I’m feeling flexible enough
  5. I either really want to lose weight or I don’t give a fuck, there is no in between.
  6. I care about grammar and punctuation in speech way too much for someone who can’t spell or speak properly.
  7. Wikipedia is my best friend for uni and winning arguments
  8. I’d prefer to call myself dumb or fat before someone else does, not because I care what they think but I’m trying to be funny and self deprecating humour is my second favourite after satire.
  9. I wanted to be a comedian when I was younger
  10. I wanted to be a writer when I was younger.
  11. I never wanted to be a comedic writer when I was younger. Weird. It was always writing essays or articles, not comedy.
  12. I am above average at many things but I’ve never truly excelled at anything.
  13. I might take up vlogging after this, depending on how popular the blog gets and on how much time I have. Don’t hold your breath though.
  14. For someone who cares about grammar, I end too many sentences with propositions (literally see above).
  15. If you get about 4 of my friends in the same room together, they will all know every single thing about me, I’m not exactly a closed book.
  16. I have a really strong feeling that I’m going to die in my 20s. I can’t explain it but I just have this feeling.
  17. I don’t want to turn 20, because I think I might die. Also because I thought I’d have my life together and moved out by that point when I was about 15 ahahahahahahcriesahahahaha.
  18. The most likely scenario that I’m going to do once I have my degree and can’t find a job in Perth is pack a couple of bags and just go to the UK, see what happens and what work I can find or even just a holiday and then come back for further study. I was serious when I said I really don’t know what I want anymore.
  19. If someone ever tells me I’m gluten intolerant I probably will kill myself because what is there to live for after that.
  20. I look at the poo on the toilet paper after I wipe.
  21. I pee in the shower literally every time.
  22. I never really developed FOMO, I trust my friends to invite me to things I’d enjoy and not invite me to things I won’t enjoy. It’s when they don’t invite me to things I would’ve loved, like just watching netflix in pajamas, that I get envious.
  23. I used to correct people when they used jealous and envious wrong but too many people got mad at me so I stopped. Similarly with disinterested and uninterested.
  24.  This is my favourite photo of me on my laptop:


Natural makeup, new playsuit, good friend, shiny hair and only on a small amount of alcohol at that point.

25. This is my least favourite photo of myself on my laptop.

shit photo of me.jpg

Yeah that was about 3 hours later on the same night, you’d be forgiven for not noticing me straight away but look closer.

shit photo of me

Someone asked if I had a lazy eye and I said no, I was just about to pass out. Always take your photos at pres kids, learn from me.

So that’s 25 facts about me I just thought of as I was writing this. They aren’t particularly useful for anyone but hey someone might like them.

What I learnt from Tell the Truth Day – Sharing information about yourself is pretty fun, I would know I’ve been doing it all my life.


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