July 6th – Fried Chicken Day

Mmmmmmmm I love me some fried chicken and trans fats. Since the USA seems to always see Australia as it’s little brother, we end up having to deal with the consequences of America global hegemony. In other words, we indulge in American exports whole heartedly. A big part of this is fast food. Where we lack in ‘Wendy’s’ or ‘Taco Bell’ we make up for in ‘McDonald’s’ and better yet ‘KFC’.

So Since it was Fried Chicken Day and I’m lazy as lazy, I decided to treat myself to a KFC dinner.



Apart from feeling gross afterwards it made me think of who the hell can actually eat KFC more than once a week. My stomach was absolutely churning, and then I thought of my mum. My mum when she was my age worked a part time job at a KFC and like most jobs in the food service industry, at the end of the night you can take some free food home. HOW DID MY MUM STAY SO SKINNY AND EAT LIKE THIS! To be fair, my mum was really athletic but come one! That’s not fair. I could literally feel the grease clogging up my arteries but still I ate because it’s really tasty. And I know for a fact I’ll keep eating it again.

What I learnt from Fried Chicken Day – Nothing much, I knew it was unhealthy but I’m still going to keep eating it. As I said, I love me some fried chicken.


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