July 5th – Bikini Day

…aka the day it was really obvious that these holidays are northern hemisphere based. Today in Australia it’s more or less the middle of winter, so it rained all day and the top temperature was 14 degrees Celsius. I also napped from about 12pm-3pm (when it would’ve been the top of 14) so I was not even prepared to try. So instead here was my outfit of the day!



It’s a monkey onesie that I’m in love with!! However, given that 9 months of the year it is bikini and beach weather in Australia, of course I have photos of me at the beach. So enjoy me celebrating bikini day, just not on its official day (instead I’ve been sleeping and watching cartoons).



Note: This is my iPhone wallpaper I still love this photo so much



abi bikini photo.jpg

Hope where ever you are you can celebrate bikini without without just having to shift through old photos!

What I learnt from bikini day: July is not the best day for bikini day.






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