July 4th – Independence Day

So this isn’t a random holiday but an actual holiday. Not for me but because I live in Australia, but for millions of other people. I have American family so today whilst I was running errands I decided to ‘Murica it up!

First off, outfit of the day:


Baseball Style Hat from my cousins in Atlanta


Crop White tee with a kind of American Flag on it


And denim everything.

Then it was time to go shopping and support American capitalism. But first, it required me guzzling petrol in my American Style automatic car.


And then what’s more American than the musical Hamilton? I mean it’s full title is literally ‘Hamilton: An American Musical’, and today i decided to jam to the most American American of all time, George Washington.



Finally it was time for food, with my American pie and trans fats, contributing to American obesity.


In all seriousness the 4th of July and subsequent Revolutionary War is one of my favourite topics in academia, so minus the joking, I’m very happy that America gained independence and kick-started democracy again in the midst of the Enlightenment. Without it, Australia wouldn’t have it’s political system either and Britain may well still be a tyrannical empire.

What I learnt from Independence Day – That one day really did change the world, also I’m a closeted American, but an out Anglo-Saxon sorry not sorry.





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