July 2nd – I forgot Day

I forget quite a few things but I’m not super forgetful, probably because I am super worried about being late to things or letting people down. However, today came about a brilliant example of how forgetful I can be but also how prepared I can also be. My new boss was messaging me to get my payment in order and here’s what went down.



Showing how I was both prepared for the situation but I also know how forgetful I am. Same as my brother.

I’ll take this opportunity now to say I’M SORRY to anyone who’s birthday I’ve forgotten (before facebook began telling me) or forgotten I had plans with or forgotten to return something to them. Normally I’m pretty good, but sometimes I forget.

What I learnt from I Forgot Day – I’m only a little forgetful, but I swear I will not forget this TFN form for tonight.


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