June 30th – Social Media Day

The frequent use of social media is something that is quite new to me, I haven’t even had facebook for a year at this point and there’s about 15 photos on my instagram. I have had twitter only for a brief period and then once again for a university assignment. However, given the whole ‘it’ll make you antisocial’ and ‘it’s just a medium for bullying’, it does serve a good purpose.

So first of all I have a lot of family who lives in America, thank you social media for keeping me connected to them. I understand iMessage on Apple devices can do that too but the fact of the matter is more people have facebook than an iPhone.

Social media is free advertisement. Not that I use it as such but think about the role that Twitter played in the 2016 US Presidential election. The use of free media can plummet a campaign from disaster to riches.

Finally, it’s just a lot of fun. I enjoy writing this blog, I enjoy scrolling through memes on facebook, I enjoy uploading heavily edited photos on instagram, I enjoy snapping my daily troubles on snapchat. Social media is a platform for expression, available to more people than ever before in history. Although my dad will curse it, social media has its worth.

What I learnt from Social Media Day: I’m glad I live in a time where social media exists for me to exploit.



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