June 29th – Camera Day

So I’ve been doing this ‘celebrate a random holiday every day’ thing for over a month now, so in celebration of camera day and my achievement, I thought I’d just display some of my favourite photos taken doing this challenge and explain why they’re my favourites.



The first photo I took as part of lucky penny day, I love it because it shows my success in doing this project but also my failure in not finding a 4 leafed clover, basically juxtaposing the aspects of my personality, a massive fail and a massive win.
Tiara day was my first post to get over 10 likes and also this picture is awesome. My friend had to take about 20 in a row of me jumping to get this exact shot so the dedication here is amazing.
I just like my stealthy photos of politicians because I like politicians but I’m too scared to ask for selfies
I love how golden my hair looks here. This photo was also taken about 30 minutes after my band got 192/200 and won the state band competition so it reminds me of that happy time.
I just like pretending I have abs! I also like looking at photos of me when I don’t feel particularly skinny or fit to remind myself that I’m not as skinny as I’d like to be but I’m also not super fat so I shouldn’t be ashamed of flaunting myself like this.
This is just probably the nicest photo I’ve taken of Perth city ever.
Highlighter poppin’ enough to blind you! Loving how my makeup skills have expanded and this photo was featured on my most liked post to date.

What I learnt from Camera Day – Photos really are the best way to capture memories.


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