June 25th – Beatles Day

I love the Beatles so much, I feel like in 2017 it’s a bit weird not to. I have posters of them in my room and I don’t just stop at the Beatles, “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” and “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime” are staples at Christmas, as well as “I got my mind set on you” as a pick me up. Today I went on quite a few lengthy drives so my driving music more of less looked like this:


My favourite song on this album right now is “When I’m Sixty-Four”.

Why I love about the Beatles is probably the same reason why I love things like Fleetwood Mac and Meat Loaf, it makes me feel connected to my dad. I mean they’re great songs of course, but sounds trigger the biggest responses from me and these bring back so many happy memories of BBQs at my house with my big family and spending time with my dad. Similarly how James Taylor will always remind me of my family all playing cards together.

What I learnt from Beatles Day: Nothing that I didn’t know already, this kind of music has and always will be my favourite.


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