June 23rd – Let It Go Day

As much as I wanted this to be about Disney, it wasn’t, it was about forgiveness. I don’t tend to hold on to things anyway but there are still some things that irk me and make me bitter. So I created a list of things I need to let go of and change my opinions about. However, the list ended up being things I just need to change about myself rather than things I need to forgive people for.


If you see something on this list that pertains to you, consider yourself forgiven, everything else is something I need to improve on. In saying that I’m not exactly bad at those things I just believe I could be better.


And that’s me tearing up the list, symbolically showing that I’m ‘letting it go’.

What I learnt from Let It Go Day: I’d like to think I’m forgiving but at least now I can say I’ve atoned my thoughts, it is always better to forgive and more on then hold on to shit because that’s when shit hits the fan. Always, I promise this.


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