June 21st – International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day, celebrating yoga as exercise, as a hobby, and reaffirming India’s soft power through cultural integration. Yoga is something I’ve done in the past so I thought it would be easy and fun to recreate some poses. None of your downward dogs and saluting the sun, things that I could probably do but were a bit more intermediate. This was hard and I could do none of the poses I picked out. I am not at my physical best at the moment and man it shows.

To give you an example of why I really struggled, this is me trying to touch my toes.


As you can see I am no where near my toes, so this was going to be rough. Anyway, without further ado, here are my efforts.

Yoga pose 1.jpg

Definitely thought this one was going to be the easiest, and it was, which will tell you how bad I was at the rest. My left leg isn’t straight, my right leg isn’t very high, my back can’t curve in that way. It was just a mess.

Yoga pose 2.jpg

So ignoring my butt hanging out, I couldn’t get it to touch the floor, nor could I arch my back and place my hands behind me. This was more of a mess.

Ypga pose 3.jpg

Besides the fact I couldn’t get my feet to touch the floor and my arse is hanging out again, this one is okay. But it’s still a mess.

Yoga is really quite difficult and shouldn’t be discarded as ‘not proper exercise’ because my body was feeling it and my lack of flexibility or any form of core strength was really showing! You can’t just jump in and be great at yoga without any previous experience or high level fitness. On the plus side, after I had finished my body felt like this:


One day those abs won’t just be drawn on I promise you!

What I learnt from International Yoga Day: Yoga is hard and if you’re going to do it well, you really need dedication.






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