June 20th – Ice Cream Soda Day

Ice Cream out into Soda was the beverage of my childhood but referred to in Australia as ‘Spiders’. In the last few years they’ve taken off in fast food chains and advertised in Maccas as ‘floats’. Considering I am not longer a child I hadn’t had a Spider in a long ass time and for literally $2 you can buy a Frozen Coke Float from Maccas and today was the perfect excuse to buy and critique it.



I don’t know what I was expecting for $2 but it wasn’t as good as I remember. It’s probably the fact that it was done with soft serve icecream and not real icecream. It also probably wasn’t that great because it was a frozen coke so the icecream couldn’t melt into it so what ended up happening was I drank the frozen coke and then I didn’t eat the soft serve afterwards because I don’t like the taste. I’m definitely not buying one again but I’m glad they still exist, some people might like it and it’s a good way to show the new generations what our 11th birthday parties were like!

It was also perfect for taking an ironic aesthetic beach photos and I’m a young white girl, I love ironic aesthetic beach photos.


What I learnt from Ice Cream Soda Day: I don’t like Ice Cream Soda’s anymore, but I will still eat fairy bread at any given opportunity.



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