June 19th – Sauntering Day

To saunter, to walking slowly, take your time, or if you’re being negative, to dawdle and be slow. Today in every way I could think of I took my time.

The crux of this was waking up early. On Monday’s I start work at 8:30 so waking up early enough to take my time would be tough, I normally wake up around 8:10, throw on some clothes and get in my car. Although I try I am not a morning person. But I awoke at 7:30 today and actually ate breakfast! I arrived at work early enough to physically saunter into the office and say hello to people. At work I didn’t run between jobs and I even stayed an extra hour and worked more because I felt relaxed and I wasn’t in a rush to get home.

I nailed sauntering day and I’m glad I did. It makes an excellent point in practicing taking a breath, calming down and enjoying the little things. Monday’s are stressful, working is stressful but there’s no reason to rush and make things harder for yourself. There’s only going to be one ever Monday the 19th of June 2017, so you may as well enjoy it.

What I learnt from Sauntering Day: Do make sure you take the time and saunter, because sometimes the little things are worth enjoying.


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