June 18th – International Panic Day

I’m being serious when I say that I didn’t even plan this, I woke up today with 20 minutes before I needed to leave for work. So I was celebrating this day very early on and very much panicking as I tried my hardest to get ready for work, however I had to skip breakfast but that was okay since I work where there’s always food.


Oh, it doesn’t stop here, the panic continues for me at work considering I work in customer service in an area populated by white middle class mums who don’t understand words like ‘understaffed’. If I’m really nitpicking I can also say that I was working with the really serious manager today but we’re on good terms at the moment so that’s okay.

The other part of this day is about calming down from panicking, taking care of yourself. I’m very good at that so when I got home today I immediately had a shower, did a hair treatment and I’m about to eat chocolate, have a cup of tea and watch Gavin and Stacey.


This is probably really bad but I panic a lot at work because I know I’m not the best person at that workplace and I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but as long as that stays in the work place I’ll always be okay.

What I learnt from International Panic Day: Panicking is normal, but sometimes people forget to calm down after the panic, and that isn’t normal.


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