June 17th – Juggling Day

Unfortunately, this blog does not support videos so you’re just going to have to take my word for it when I say I can juggle. I taught myself how to juggle, much like my brother did. I learnt on tennis balls and now I can do it with most balls and most fruit.

I think for me this day, considering I didn’t have to teach myself how to juggle or try to learn, is another one of those philosophical ‘look what I can achieve when I try’. Because not a lot of people I know can juggle. It’s not like it’s hard, because it’s not it’s really easy, but it just takes time and practice, and a lot of people don’t have that amount of patience. This is something I next need to apply to whistling.

Whistling is my one enemy as an amateur musician, I cannot do it and almost everyone else can. I think I’m almost there but my mouth just won’y make the correct shape no matter how much a try. So for my next ‘look at what I can achieve when I try’ I really need to put practice in and learn how to whistle. The most annoying thing about it is that I can’t really get help. Whenever I see someone whistling I always say, I’m trying to learn, how do you whistle? But instead of teaching me they just say, ‘oh it’s like this’ and whistle in my face. That’s not teaching me. If anything that’s mocking me. How would they like it if they asked me how to juggle and I went, ‘oh it’s like this’, juggled, and then walked away.

If I push myself I know I can do it, I just wish it was as easy as juggling.

What I learnt from Juggling Day: Yeah juggling is fun, but damn I want to learn how to whistle.


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