June 16th – Flip Flop Day

Flip flops are the most beautiful invention. Even in an Australian winter they are the footwear of choice. The simplicity and perfection of the flip flop is what makes it amazing. It doesn’t pretend to be anything better than it is, it’s just some rubber that covers the bottom of your foot and to keep in place, it wraps between two of your toes and across the top.

These are my favourite pair, bought for me by my mum last Christmas and worn for the whole summer


Today, although I had work and at my job you need to wear steal capped boots (it’s a regulation for an industrial kitchen), I wore them every other time I could, which was mostly lounging around watching Netflix. This time it was freaks and geeks.


If flip flops had any cons to them it would be that they’re seasonal and impossible to wear in winter months. However I’m in winter right now and I still wear them almost every day, anywhere I’m going. So there’s no cons, flip flops are simply the best shoe.

What I learnt from Flip Flop Day: Thank God I live in Australia so it’s culturally appropriate to wear flip flops all year round as well as seasonally available.


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