June 15th – Smile Power Day

I love smiling, I’m always smiling at people, but of course it doesn’t mean I’m happy all the time. For example, I work in hospitality as customer service and as we all know, that can be very testing sometimes, but today was smile power day, so I was going to smile no matter what.

I woke up around 8:30, looked at my cat and started smiling, looked at some memes on facebook and laughed, which of course aided the smiling. Had my breakfast and a coffee and got ready for work, smiling.


I Went to work, smiling. Served customers and made food, made sure I gave them service with a smile. Sometimes it was tough but I never got angry and I kept on smiling. I Came home from work, and I was still smiling.


I guess the psychology behind it is kind of like yawning, smiling is infectious and smiling really does make you happy. So I’m in full support of this day.

What I learnt from Smile Power Day: It’s not that hard to keep calm and smile, it makes your day easier and you might even make someone happier, smiling really is powerful.



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