June 14th – Flag Day

Flag Day, normally a day of patriotic attitudes and nationalistic tendencies, but today was a day for testing my knowledge and my friends knowledge of world flags. Basically, most of us needed to go back to school!

I’m not terrible at flags or state capitals or anything like that so honestly when I went to do a buzzfeed quiz on it I thought I’d ace it and get one or two wrong. Jesus I was wrong.

flag day 1.PNG

Yeah I did shit…

flag day 2.PNG

This big flag with my inadequacy on it didn’t help.

Anyway so I got 11/18 and my friends got 9/18, two got 7/18 and one got 15/18.

Flags are hard.

What I learnt from Flag Day – I know nothing about countries flags and I need to learn to be more cultured.


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