June 13th – The Day Where I Protest the Days

I managed to find two random holidays that were celebrated today, one was International Axe Throwing Day, and the other was Sewing Day. I don’t want to do either of them. This isn’t because I’m lazy, I have the motivation to celebrate these holidays unless I’m physically or internetly unable to, it’s because I morally don’t want to do either. Kind of how I feel uneasy celebrating Australia Day or ANZAC Day for some of the horrible aspects they represent, I will talk about what both of these days represent for me and why I don’t want to do them.

Axe Throwing Day: The fact that it celebrates throwing axes as weapons and something to be done for fun. Harbouring weapons and having the ability to kill someone really doesn’t fly with me. And the fact people are encouraged to try it and celebrate it as a sport?! No thanks. The same will be if there’s ever a knife throwing day. Don’t get me wrong, I will use these tools for practical uses, I know they’re used for other things and not just weapons, but I am too much of a pacifist to allows myself to actually celebrate their uses in murder and sport.

Sewing Machine Day: I would have zero issues celebrating this day if it was about innovation and DIY, for example how to make your own clothes. However after research I found that it isn’t, it’s about how easy clothes making is since sewing machines were invented. This seems horrible to me because it suggests celebrating the notion of cheap and slave labour in developing countries. Exploiting cheap labour so that you can have cheap clothes is disgusting and this holiday could have been beautiful, trying to promote learning a new skill and making things for yourself, but it was about the Industrial Revolution and “oh thank God for the sewing machine so we can have cheap clothes, good work society”.

Anyway if this taught anyone anything it’s probably just a bit more about my personality, a moral socialist and pacifist.

What I learnt from The Day Where I Protest the Days: It’s okay to say no if you don’t believe in things, if you don’t stand by your beliefs when they’re being tested then they’re not beliefs, they’re hobbies.


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